Shame Doesn't Change Minds

My friends have strong opinions, so they post strongly opinionated memes.

One of my friends creates memes that educate. They poke fun at ideas they oppose, but with patience and welcoming. They're not about identity. They're argument-based. They try to impress upon one why they should reconsider their beliefs and preferences. When you see one of them, you'll either feel they're factually incorrect, or that you've gained some insight. They often get shared with others to supplement productive conversations.

My other friend regurgitates memes that position dissenters as worthy of shame, as irreparable lesser beings. If you agree with them, you can feel good that you're superior to the others – the subjects of the memes. But if you disagree… well, can you think of such a meme you've disagreed with, that referred to you as morally inferior, that ended up being catalytic to a change of heart or mind?

My former friend is cultivating a movement.

My other friend is masturbating with a group of like-minded individuals who share a common ineffectiveness because shame doesn't change minds.